An Interview with Visionary Coach, Savitri Bhurji

Introduce yourself! Share a little bit of what you do and who you help. 

My name is Savitri Bhurji. I am a visionary coach which means I assist you to bring your vision to life by specifically working with world leaders. That means everyone who is here to say goodbye to the old, fear, toxic, controlled paradigms, and allow the new creation in- in their own style.

With that comes all the energetic stuff, so whether it’s healing trauma, clearing your limiting beliefs, or opening your heart, it’s all there. That is what I love to do, it’s my natural gift, and that’s why I’m here for.


Tell us about your journey! What led you to this point? 

I feel like it chose me, and I said yes. At age 3, I had my first vision where I had a man dressed in a Roman tunic open my wardrobe door and step out. He lit fire to my right hand and then there was a lady having a little bowl of fruit, she was dressed in blue.

I thought I was a bit mad for about 20 years and then I found out about Moses, the burning bush, and how that opens your heart and opens the gates and portals. But basically, I did all the things trying to be different to my family environment trying to break those moulds. when I realized that I had exactly the same relationships, you know, all the things that I’d been trying to break. I got to a point in 2017 where I passed my CIMA accountancy exams , and I had my law degree, I had my two children, had my Audi A6, all of that. I just didn’t understand, Brexit had happened, Trump had happened, I was being micromanaged at work. I honestly got to the point where I felt like I was gonna hit my boss, really. They offered me redundancy, and they also offered me a chance to stay, and then I could have gone with another company because they’d sold it as well. And I just heard an inner voice that said, if you stay here, you’re staying here out of fear. You know, I had my job, private school fees to pay, and all the rest of it, and I was the highest income earner in the family. But I just couldn’t do it anymore. I jumped thinking, ah, it’s easy. I’ll just take the redundancy and I’ll go and get another job. Which I did, right? And then I got fired from that job in the space of one week and I was crying, and you know, it was just, I was at a corporate law firm, right? It was really posh in the city and here I am just crying. It was so funny. And they tried to warn me you know, this is not like corporate firms, you can’t go around questioning the partners. The only thing that I said was, of the first three things that you do in the morning, are they the highest profitable or the most valuable actions to add to your company. I really want to add value everywhere I go. That’s my main driver. The guy didn’t like it very much. So, I was gone terminated. Then I cried again, it was so funny. I went through quite an extensive transformation, went through divorce, sold my house, my kids had their own traumas, my son was flagged for autism. He had chronic diarrhea for months, I went to the hospital, they couldn’t help me. I suspected that it wasn’t right. I went to a naturopath, and I was doing these things that were slightly different to what you are expected to do in a mainstream society. But I’ve always been this way, even as a child. I experienced a lot of trauma and I think a lot of people that come with the truth, go through that.

So, I had a calling in 2017, answered it and I found home, I am now trained in EFT, NLP, subconscious, recode, hypnosis, and quantum stuff that I don’t fully understand yet. And speaking to my angels, it’s fascinating. I went through the whole New Age Jesus trauma of evangelism as well, before coming back into the heart of unconditional love. And I fully understand the journey and why I think money has probably been my biggest relationship to heal. But it is a journey of courage. If you want to get bigger, then you’re gonna have to take action, but you don’t know how, or what is going to happen, but you trust it, and you’re just gonna do it anyway. 


What’s the biggest result people get from working with you? 

The biggest result that they get, is when they come to the realization that they are always loved unconditionally and that when they embrace their gifts, everything flows through them. Everything flows through them. Our minds are set up in a way where they want to keep everything the same. So it’s known as the comfort factor, but it’s actually just as familiar because it’s not comfortable, it’s fucking painful. So what happens is, every time you do something new, or you change something, which is seen as new, your mind will do everything, including reflecting through people in your external reality or your car breaking down whatever it is To keep you in the same place. And theres gray or the nuance in those moments that is also sometimes the universe moving you into alignment as well.


How would you say to somebody that says “This feels wrong, it must not be an alignment for me”. How do they know that the discomfort is something that they need to ride through or if it’s genuinely not in alignment?   

Luana Ribeira

Luana Ribeira is a best selling author, international speaker and host of business Innovators Radio.