Founder, Karyn Lynn Grant,LMT Discusses Joy Coaching®America’s Expansion and Its Inclusion of Deep Relaxation Therapy For a World in Need

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And so, begins my story. I’ve been working on this creation since that day in 2001. Writing the music, creating the blends, envisioning the processes and protocols for a deep “Faith-Based-Relaxation Therapy” Program.

It’s been evolving and changing during the past two decades to ultimately become “Joy Coaching® America-Academy” now going worldwide via the internet radio and podcast I mentioned.

The point is: sometimes when you want something and desire that thing with all your heart, you may need to be the one that goes and does it!

Carol: I agree and thank you.
Moving on, I am looking forward to our discussion as the world, not just America, needs peace. If learning more about the words relaxation and rest can assist even one person with that, then let’s continue and be receptive to your input and educating us Karyn.

What led you to your work as a relaxation therapist in addition to all you do as the founder of Joy Coaching® America and Joy Coaching® Academy?

Karyn: Carol, thank you so much and I, as well, agree the world is in need.
As far as my work, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, a grief coach, a relaxation therapist, a cranial sacral therapist and much more. My greatest joy is in escorting souls that are heavy laden with a “build-up” from life experiences, left unresolved and
unassimilated, to a place of peace and rest.

As for what led me to my work, a major part was having a massage therapist for a mother. I learned through her teachings, the scientific value and importance of understanding our body’s needs for “Rest and Relaxation” in order to “Rejuvenate” and find “Renewal,” not just during a good night’s sleep, but as well, during periodic “Ultradium Rhythm Breaks” throughout the day.

I learned through her education and expertise that there is a “science” that supports “Deep Relaxation” and that if we push ourselves and drive ourselves through self-will to accomplish all the good we can in a given time period, that we can move ourselves into a place of dis-ease.

Carol: How important is it that we learn to take time to “Rest and Digest” the experiences of each day?

Karyn: When we partake of a big meal, our body’s beg us to take a break so that they can derive the nutrients from that meal and release what is no longer necessary, but how many of us are just driving ourselves through sheer will power to keep on mustering up the energy to push ourselves to the limit – thinking there is some reward or recognition for doing so?

Our minds and hearts, like our body’s need time to “assimilate” what is being “taken in.” Not all of what we hear in the media is “pure nutrition” to our cells and souls! A lot of what we mentally and emotionally partake of needs to be “Released” and “Eliminated” as quickly as possible!

Carol: Release: definitely a major component, I agree, in order to fully rest, relax and find peace.

Karyn: Think of it-the word “Release.” Do you see the little word inside that word? I see the word, “EASE.” If we want to experience true rest and relaxation we need to get into a state of “EASE” which is the exact opposite of “DIS-EASE.”

Even as a little girl, my mother tucked me in nightly, lightly stroking her fingertips through my curls and softly whispering “Breathe in happy feelings now; Breathe out sad feelings now….”

I ask: how important it is for a mother to use night-time as a time to help her child/children separate the joys of the day from the sorrows of the day, the brightness and lightness of the day from the darkness and sadness of the day…. all through the gift of releasing energetically burdening emotions through the power of “Breathing in and Breathing Out?”

How important is it that we view each day as a “mini-lifetime” and refuse to let the toxic memories build up from day to day, from week to week, month to month, year to year….decade to decade….and even hold on to our griefs through the duration of lifetimes?

As an adult, and as a second generation Massage Therapist, following in my mother’s footsteps, I have hungered to learn about the science of deep relaxation. My heart and mind find a lot of joy in learning about the brain’s need for “rest” so that it can resume cycles of creativity and expedited energy expenditures! I find it fascinating to study the science of “Relaxation Therapy” and love teaching it to my clients as well as indulging them in sessions where achieving pure comfort is my intention for them. I have also learned to combine with science, the need for the spirituality of guided visualization and deep meditation periods.

Carol: It seems you have learned quite a bit via the special relationship, actions and love that are of and from your mother.

Karyn: I have learned since my mother’s night-time-nurturing sessions with me as a little girl, that the science behind Rest and Relaxation is important to understand. RESTING for ten to twenty minutes every 90 minutes to 2 hours can provide regular intervals of sustained energy out-put. It is “mindful resting” though. it is not enough to simply “take a nap.” It is resting with a gentle focus on awakening refreshed and rejuvenated emotionally, spiritually and mentally…. not just physically.

Carol: What else is necessary?

Karyn: My mother also taught me the deep importance of spiritual rest. We can find greater solace in our rest periods, as we continue “Resting in the Lord”. My mother taught me the scripture: “Be Still and Know that I am God.” Through her influence, I learned to love the Finnish national anthem, “Be Still My Soul.” Because of her tenderness, I learned how to “lie down in green pastures”. I learned that if I would prayerfully do so, that it was the Divine Creator who “restoreth my soul.”

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