Founder, Karyn Lynn Grant,LMT Discusses Joy Coaching®America’s Expansion and Its Inclusion of Deep Relaxation Therapy For a World in Need

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As a teen, my first solo in church at age sixteen was, “Beside Still Waters”… the words to that song still run through my mind to this day,

“Lost in the darkness,
far from thy goal,
no voice to cheer thee-
none to console-
broken in spirit,
hope seems in vain, t
hen in Thy hour of need,
Joy comes again!

Jesu Kind Shepherd,
this be thy prayer –
press on and faint not –
soon comes the day !
Lead on Kind Shepherd
this be my prayer
Jesus will guide thee
to pastures fair!”

Beside Still Watars
He leadeth Me
His Love will guard thee
Thy grief shall pass!
Thy doubt shall flee!
Beside Still Waters
He Leadeth Thee!

Carol: How wonderfully shared and some of the verses you mentioned have been mainstays in my life as well, especially: “Be still and know that I am God.”

Karyn, I’d like to continue now with some questions regarding Joy Coaching® America and Joy Coaching® Academy, a company of which you are the founder. Joy Coaching® America has been experiencing beautiful growth I understand especially now with more becoming “Joy Coaches”, those who are now servicing across the globe, thanks to you and your training, combined vision and talents.

How did Joy Coaching® and “Joy Coaches” come to be?

Karyn: From 2001 to present, I have worked on clients in my own home. My in-home business is called, The Cherishing Place™. My clients spread the word! Quite honestly, as people experienced my personalized method, The Healer’s Touch™ (Relaxation Therapy with Song & Scent) they began asking me to make this a “duplicatable system” so that they could offer sessions in their respective states, to their own families, clients and communities. Hence, Joy Coaching® came to be.

Carol: How did Joy Coaching® Academy begin? What inspired you or what events led up to Joy Coaching® Academy?

Karyn: As I continued seeing clients in my home, I developed the “Joy Coaching® System” which includes twenty modules. As (primarily) women (and a few men) began to enroll, it became apparent that there was a natural evolution into what I later termed as Joy Coaching® Academy. It’s an online educational system with a platform for “Faith-Based-Relaxation Therapy”, at its core and Grief Coaching as it’s underlying essence. This work is wonderful for the broken hearted!

Carol: Let’s continue with your Why and your purpose as to what you do and offer via Joy Coaching® America and Joy Coaching® Academy.

Karyn: My why. I wanted a system that flowed from experiencing broken-heartedness (after any kind of grief) to renewing one’s passion for their own purpose, calling and mission. It’s not enough just to comfort the grieving. I believe we must assist them in renewing their passion for life!
My purpose is to assist those whose hearts are breaking or broken and bring them the assurance that that there is hope for healing a broken life and a broken heart.

Carol: And your vision Karyn for now and the continuing work of Joy Coaching® America and Joy Coaching® Academy?

Karyn: My vision would be to find other like-minded people who believe that there is a Divine Creator who cares about mending broken hearts and wounded lives. As we join together with our faith, united in that common premise, using our individual gifts, talents, skills and life experience, it is my hope and prayer that we can spread love, joy and peace to a wounded and hurting world, one soul at a time.

Carol: Your music is an integral part of your work and gifts. Did it also play a part in these lessons?

Karyn: It was an inspired flow! I wrote a song-a-day for many years totaling over a thousand songs. How do I describe the generous inspiration that seemed to pour like water through a faucet that could not be turned off? The songs were a merciful manifestation that my prayers were being heard and answered.

The lyrics became a means for creatively, consciously connecting to my own Divine Source of hope, happiness and faith to endure! How does one put into words the natural rhymes, rhythms, seasons and sequences which flowed into my heart during those creative decades? I never doubted that the songs kept flowing during those crucial times, simply because I was asking and willing to receive divine inspiration during difficult seasons in my journey to joy!

Carol, as you know my original faith-based music is a major part of the work that I encourage the “Joy Coaches” to freely use to create a safe, relaxing atmosphere for their clientele. The inspired imagery-inducing lyrics in the songs. The musical meditations were a result of asking God to be guided as to how to rediscover joy in my own personal life, after experiencing the throes of more than one divorce! I was truly and deeply comforted each time a song “downloaded” into my heart I never realized that the very songs and messages that I needed for my own broken heart, would in turn become the very process that would eventually assist in mending the broken hearts of others!

Carol: The titles to your modules are so distinct and unique. How did you come up with those titles?

Karyn: Each of the titles, is essentially the name of one of the songs that I use in that particular module. Like; “Arise, Daughter, Victorious!” was first the name of a song and then evolved into several manuals about overcoming feelings of “victimhood” and arising in your strength and spiritual stature to overcome the past and continue to build upon a glorious future! Each of those modules like “Enlightened Journey: A Woman’s Walk to Wholeness” and “Dancing with Joy” all were first, the title of a song, and became a 10-12 hour course with manuals and materials, music and more!

Carol: How has Joy Coaching® Academy benefitted your life personally and/or professionally?

Karyn: It’s kept my heart pursuing love, joy and peace on a personal level as I have faced challenges as a single parent, a single woman in today’s world, a woman-entrepreneur and beyond! Of all the greatest gifts that I have gleaned from creating this program, it is the sense of knowing that “if it doesn’t work for me, how can it work for anyone else?” I am living proof that this methodology works! My life is filled with love, joy and peace, both personally and professionally, as I work to teach, mentor and inspire other women to be the best version of themselves!

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