Founder, Karyn Lynn Grant,LMT Discusses Joy Coaching®America’s Expansion and Its Inclusion of Deep Relaxation Therapy For a World in Need

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I hear my father’s voice this early morning, speaking to my soul, as though he is whispering down the corridor that connects heaven to earth, “Continue. Continue. Continue the work that you are doing. America stands in need of comforters, now, more than ever before!”

And so, a small band of caring, kind, compassionate women…rise up…calling themselves, “Joy Coaches”. And we begin to spread across the battlefield call “one nation under God”. We will go about ministering to the wounded in spirit, the brokenhearted and the grieving. Not necessarily with P.H.D.’s in Psychology, but with hearts combined in that same spirit of empathy, love and kindness for which there is no degree.

What do we call ourselves? Comforters. There is no college degree for that. The work that we render will continue to bring comfort to those whose hearts and lives “have been broken in the wheels of living”.
For as Tennyson essentially once said, “Not even the angels of heaven can minister to mere mortals like those whose hearts have been broken in the wheels of living.”
And so…as the nation continues to grieve…. We will continue Joy Coaching® America…and beyond.

Carol: Why does the world need Joy Coaching® now?

Karyn: I believe that Joy Coaching® and it’s NEARLY twenty years of evolution, since 2001, has become a ‘gentle salve’ for the hidden wounds that the world is now facing. As the sorrows of this world have surfaced, I believe there is a greater need for “comforters”, “nurturers”, “Grief Coaches”, “empaths”. “Relaxation Therapists” through this Faith-Based-Method, point to a Divine Source for their clients who want to receive hope and healing. While we are not the “Healer,” we all believe that there is a “Healer” who knows the hearts and minds of all those who stand in need of comfort, hope and a renewed will to live!

Recently, I was asked in another interview, “Do you consider yourself an ‘Energy Healer’? My answer was this; “Each person has a divine physician within themselves that will conduct all the corrections that need to be made. No one, outside of yourself has the power to change you from the inside-out. Each one of us has “Gotta-Wanna-Heal” when it comes to having an emotional-mental-spiritual-physical upsurge in vitality, health and well-being. We cannot rely on someone else to heal us. I believe I am a “Joy Coach” and as a “Joy Coach”, I seek to be inspired as to how to bring hope to those who are seeking to be healed through their own willingness to do so. I don’t heal anyone. I simply provide the encouragement and offer support through love, empathy and compassion for those whose hidden wounds so often go unnoticed by the rest of the world. In other words, “You are your own Energy Healer!”

Carol: Anything else you’d like to share re: Joy Coaching®, Joy Coaching® America and/or Joy Coaching® Academy?

Karyn: We are always looking for those who discover that they have a special kindred love and altruism for humanity. This is the greatest talent which binds us together as “Joy Coaches”. Though we come from all walks of life, all diverse religious backgrounds, we are a non-denominational, faith-based group that believes that “He is the Healer; We are His Instruments.” We would love to consider working with others who share that same core belief in common, as it is the unifying factor in our relationships with each other and with our clients.

Carol: This was so enlightening, inspirational and educational Karyn. I believe that our readers have gained insights and direction to assist them. Thank you so much and I wish you and the “Joy Coaches” continued success!

See and hear Karyn as she shares with you about Energizing Your Essential Oil. It’s really very good and quite informative.   

Also, Karyn’s “Healers Touch” pdf introduction guide to the “Healer’s Touch” Method and Night time Nurturing Technique as well as 9 one minute music clips from the “Healers Touch” CD.

Carol: What is the best way for you to be contacted Karyn?
(801) 427 1047

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