Founder, Karyn Lynn Grant,LMT Discusses Joy Coaching®America’s Expansion and Its Inclusion of Deep Relaxation Therapy For a World in Need

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Carol: What do you feel you have overcome via Joy Coaching®?

Karyn: I feel that I have realized my own hidden reservoirs of strength, courage and the will to carry on! When I started this profession, creating Joy Coaching®: A Faith-Based Approach to Wholeness, it was because I couldn’t find anything out there that combined my Christian views and values, towards overcoming sorrow and grief, with the healing arts. I am a very right-brained individual and my work must include the senses. In this program, all senses are accessed; the sense of sight (through guided visualizing) , the sense of smell, through inhaling and breath-work (aromatherapy), the sense of touch (through non-invasive relaxation points), the sense of hearing (positive uplifting music and musical meditations) all combined into a unique method that creates new positive, joyful memories. I am a different person now, in that my life is peace-based, joy-filled and deeply happy after having experienced divorce trauma and more.

Carol: Who would be an ideal client?

Karyn: Anyone who has a desire to overcome the past and to move forward in a determination to discover JOY! They must be willing to take an active role in pursuing JOY! (“You-gotta-wanna!”)

Carol: Karyn, will you share with us now, tips, some guidance, a few exercises or actions we can take to begin to relax, beyond what we may believe is relaxation so we can have some tools, as you did with your mom, to help us relax and find peace?

 Take a little break at least twice a day. Even a five minute shift from your normal activities can bring respite to your heart and mind.

Lean back in your chair and breathe in an essential oil.

Put on head phones and listen to a song that either soothes your heart or is upbeat, fun and lively. Listening to music while inhaling an essential oil can literally interrupt negative cyclical thought patterns! Sometimes all it takes for a shift in mood and mentality is a simple R & R Session with a “Song & Scent.”

I also invite you to go online and order “The Healer’s Touch” vocal cd or “The Healer’s Touch Musical Meditation CD 2.” Simply, get comfortable, breathe in a different essential oil for each one of the nine songs (or meditations) and let the process work through you. I will include the instructions on how to order the music and meditations for “self-nurturing” with music and aromatherapy at the end of this interview

Carol: What inspired you in choosing to Joy Coach® America?

Karyn: In April of 2013, I invited my friend Elizabeth Allen to accompany me to attend a Grief Coaching Course in Los Angeles, to continue my education with Grief Coaching work. We spent three days with my father, a retired Naval Commander in his home in San Juan Capistrano, prior to attending that Seminar.

After the conference was over, my father came to bid me his final good-bye. Elizabeth and I sat with him in an IHOP where he ordered hot fudge sundaes to celebrate what would be our final meeting on earth.

While visiting that Sunday with my Dad at our last visit in Los Angeles, we were blessed to hear my father share something with me, that he had never shared before. He shared his experience in the U.S. Navy where he took a series of career interest tests.

My father, who was sitting beside me spoke sincerely, “It was discovered on that aptitude test that I would have made a good bereavement counselor, clergyman or grief counselor. See, Karyn, we are not so different! I have the same interests as you! If I hadn’t been a Commander in the Navy, I would have probably endeavored to do the same exact work you are doing today! I probably wouldn’t have been so hard on you, in that case! I would have been a kinder, softer man.” He followed his remarks with, “Continue! Continue with the path you have started!”

While my father paid the bill, I turned to Elizabeth and said with tears in my eyes, “I know we are planning on coming back in November, but I have a feeling that my father will not be here at that time.”

After my patriot father’s unexpected passing, three months later on July 24th, 2013, I changed the name of “Joy Coaching® ” to Joy Coaching® America” in his honor. He was an example of pure patriotism that was imprinted into my heart.

It was during that final visit with my father on April 24th, 2013, that I intuitively knew that I would never see him again in this life. He passed away at 4:22 a.m. on July 24th, 2013, exactly three months later to the day. The morning of his passing, I awoke to an American Flag standing proudly in my lawn. It was a perfect symbol of my father’s patriotism and love for his country. On his grave marker, I had inscribed, “Patriarch and Patriot” in his honor.

As I reminisced upon my father’s patriotism this July 4th 2020, tears stream my cheeks. I have been listening to the news sending sound waves of cruelty, hate and deception as it escalates in this world. And again, I feel my heart breaking and wondering, “What is all this fighting for?”

As I open up my journal to write about July 4th, 2020, it is with a heart full of mixed emotions. I am praying for America today in a way that I have never dreamed I would ever pray for “Her” before.
In my mind’s eye, I see “Her” bowed like a statue of liberty, kneeling in fetal position, with a broken torch and a crumpled American Flag draped around her shoulders. I see tears of sorrow streaming her cheeks and I wonder…”Who will come and comfort America? Who will revive “Her” great Spirit? Who will remember…”Her” before it is everlastingly too late…Who will remember what made “Her” great in the first place?” Who will endeavor to repeat “Her” history truthfully?

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