Paul Forsberg Business Leader Interview

BI: To wrap this up, what are you most excited about in the upcoming months in your business?

PF: I’m becoming a well-known speaker within the local business community and just received an invitation to speak at a large group in the Orlando Metro area. Hopefully, the engagement will be the door opener I need to get on the National Circuit so I can help business owners all across the Nation.

After expanding into business coaching and consulting, I have been approached by one of the Nation’s Top Sales Trainers to be one of his referral sources because most if not all of his clients need my help.

BI: If there was ONE THING you would do to your business immediately to grow it to a point where you could sell it and walk away wealthy, what would that be?

PF: The ONE THING I would do, and the ONE THING I would advise anyone reviewing this information is, I would get a copy of my book “The 5 Fundamental Elements Every Successful and Sellable Business.

I would grab a highlighter pen and notepad, and I would read the book taking notes and highlighting points along the way.

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