2019: The Year of Joy

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In 2016, I had the pleasure of meeting Karyn Lynn Grant and began learning about her unique work with spreading love, peace and joy to the world. She is the founder of Joy Coaching America, an organization she has been creating over the last 18 years. Karyn is also a licensed massage therapist, very talented author, singer, songwriter, poet and musician. She utilizes and incorporates her many talents in her 1:1 work with clients as well as with her Joy Coaches, (those successful graduates of Joy Coaching University) and those they reach; along with her work within communities across the Nation, as she ministers to those in heartache, pain and need.

Over these last few years, I have watched the varying facets of Karyn’s work and how she herself (while working with so many) was also growing along with her company. My sincere desire to assist her in more visibility and recognition for Joy Coaching America and her work, now across the world, was further confirmed as I began to see and hear many testimonials which gave me better insight into how Joy Coaching America and Karyn’s work is performed, received and changing lives.

Together, we have decided, to do a Series for Business Innovators Magazine on the three-fold musical mission of Joy Coaching America and how music can help to spread love, peace and joy to a world that stands in need of comfort, more now than ever before.

Join Karyn in this short video and then Listen in our conversation as Karyn shares her unique vision.

Carol: Thank you so much Karyn for joining me today: It is always such a pleasure.

Karyn: Carol, I absolutely love working with you! We have a wonderful message to deliver today and I am so grateful for you and your areas of expertise in reaching those whose hearts may be yearning to find greater peace, love and joy.

Carol: Karyn, having gotten to know you a bit over these last few years, I can see that you, as am I, are quite passionate about “The Year of Joy” and what it will entail via this series. What drove you to fashion your desired life legacy around spreading love, peace and joy to the world?

Karyn: I often ask myself where would I be if I was not actively pursuing a higher “degree” and APTITUDE for JOY in my own personal life?
After struggling with depression for many years, I realized that JOY is one of the most sought after emotions in this life! It’s one of the most coveted feelings by those who have never experienced it! It’s one of the greatest talents and APTITUDES we can focus our attention upon acquiring!

There is nothing in the world I would rather be doing than exactly what I am DOING! I am JOY COACHING AMERICA by focusing on nurturing one soul at a time. All of my thoughts, feelings and emotions are entered upon “What will bring my loved ones and the world in which I live, the greatest JOY? How can I contribute to other’s happiness?” Knowing that “the end result is Joy” helps me in every decision I make and in every path I take!

Carol: Nicely stated, Karyn. Focusing a bit on what you just stated: that “you are Joy Coaching America,” I know we have shared, in previous interviews, what you refer to as Joy Coaching America’s three-fold mission. Can you briefly share how your inspirational music is helping that three-fold mission flourish?

Karyn: I’d be happy to Carol. The three-fold mission of Joy Coaching America includes music as a faith-centered ministry. This music has been said to “soften hearts that have been grieving for years.”

The first part of the mission includes tending to the broken hearted and helping them gracefully transition from sorrow into a greater place of peace and acceptance.

The second part of this mission is in assisting the client to begin ministering with the healing arts of music, essential oils and compassionate therapeutic touch (massage) in their own homes, to their own families.

The third part of the mission segways into the advanced certification modules which provide education in “Mending Hearts with Healing Arts.” If the client desires, they may choose to become a Certified Joy Coach in our Joy Coaching America Program.

Carol: That’s a commendable mission for sure. What inspired you to want to take on the task of thinking outside of the box of your own home and family and work to spread love exponentially into your community, state and beyond?

Karyn: After experiencing my own heart-break and heartache through more than one divorce, I realized that healing a wounded heart needs to be more of a compassionate, experiential type of therapy that involves all the physical senses to reset the connection between the heart and mind. I couldn’t find any “therapist” that offers what my very “right-brain” needed and what my broken heart was yearning for, so, I created what I wanted and needed and began offering it to others.

Carol: Very nice and so you have.
Seeing how this all has relevance to our “Year of Joy Series,” it seems to be a good time to introduce and share exactly what “The Year of Joy” Series is and what it will entail.

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