Angels In the Mourning: Ministering to the Heartbroken Next in 2019: The Year of Joy Series

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“Angels in the Mourning: Ministering to the Heartbroken” 

Continuing this month with our 2019: The Year of Joy Series, Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT, Singer, Songwriter, Author is once again joining me for an anticipated discussion on: “Angels in the Mourning: Ministering to the Heart Broken.”

Carol: Welcome Karyn. Great to have you with us again.

Karyn: It’s great to be back and continuing our Series on Joy!

Carol: Karyn, can you share something about you or your experiences in life that lead you to develop these varying components of our Year of Joy Series and more specifically what lead to one component being: “Angels in the Mourning”?

Karyn: After having my heart broken through the aftermath of divorce, I decided that much could be done in the way of facilitating a more compassionate, empathetic and tender approach to ministering to the broken hearted, no matter what their specific cause of grief. I continued writing, singing and producing “Heart-Centered Music” for the Mending of Broken Hearts, attended Massage School and became a Licensed Massage Therapist, primarily so that I could work with those who need to relieve the stress and grief during times of emotional heartache.

I discovered my gift was for motivating and mentoring those who need assistance in reevaluating their lives after an emotional loss. I have worked since 2001 in my own business “The Cherishing Place” which uses the protocols I have created, “The Healer’s Touch Method” and “Joy Coaching Sessions” i.e. Certified Relaxation Therapy; for those who are facing stress, loss, grief, heartache and more.

“Angels in the Mourning” has a 2-fold message. The first is that sad things happen to really good people. We can all be an angel (a really good person) experiencing some type of sorrow or grief. The second message is that really good people can find themselves being someone else’s “angel” during a time of heartache, heart break or loss.

Carol: I can so relate to what you have shared, particularly the 2-fold message.
Karyn, who do you feel this information today will help the most?

Karyn: Firstly, I would hope that it would inspire everyone to be more aware, more compassionate and more mindful when they meet someone who is suffering any kind of loss. Secondly, I would like to inspire those who are suffering to realize that they are part of the majority! We all know what it feels like to experience sorrows that we did not initiate, create or deserve.

Carol: Sadly, and certainly, that is the majority of us I’d say.

Karyn: I’d like the readers to discover their gift of ministering and what they can do to bless those wounded along life’s way without the fear of getting overly involved. Share with them that “Ministering to the Brokenhearted” can be done in anonymous ways and with very little means. Ministering doesn’t “mean” that you have to spend lots of time, energy or money. It means doing random acts of thoughtfulness and kindness. It means looking for ways to serve and bless our fellowman, often and anonymously.

Carol: Karyn, what is the #1 most important idea you’d like to get across in this month’s article on “Angels in the Mourning”?

Karyn: We can all find ways of ministering to those that are broken hearted.

Carol: I agree and people who truly care, will. I am certain by the end of our conversation today that you will have provided insights, tips, and even anticipated results to help those who desire to be “angels” for another.

Karyn: Yes, Carol. We all need to remember that. We need to remember
that “bad things happen to good people” just like you and me! How appreciative we all are when people treat our own personal grief with respect, as though our hearts and feelings are valuable and important. Everyone who is grieving can be viewed through the eyes of compassionate respect, without blame and be seen as “an angel in mourning.”

Carol: Very nicely stated. Karyn, will you share some tips to help readers who would like to be: “angels in the mourning?”

Karyn: You can make a big difference by being aware of those around you who have “cause to mourn” and begin extending the gift of an understanding heart. I have a song called: “Understanding Heart” which I wrote during a crucial time. It was a prayer to God wondering if Someone up above understands the hidden wounds of our souls when sometimes those closest to our hearts fail to notice.

You can begin by asking yourself some important questions:
● Do I know someone who may be hurting more than I am?
● What is my personal cause in making the world a better place?
● Is there a mortal “angel” who may be hurting today that my experience can help?
● Wherein has my heart been broken that gives me an “understanding heart” for someone else who is hurting in a similar way?
● What group of people do I have a natural compassion and empathy for?
● What can I do to reach out to that “niche” and bless that specific target group with my love?
● What would my personal message be to someone who is hurting in a similar way that I once was or presently am?
● Remember that your gift of empathy, kindness and compassion may be the exact gift that someone else is needing today.

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