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Carol: Karyn, thank you. Those were great questions and certainly thought provoking.
Is there anything else you’d care to share on such a lovely and definitely “world changing” and clear amount of information?

Karyn: If we all did some generously given, kind act of anonymous service to at least one other person in need each day, what an amazing world we would all be blessed to live in! What if the newspaper headlines were filled with good news about people ministering to one another rather than the kind of news that heralds the media daily?

Carol: Absolutely! I so agree. It seems that in today’s world even a simple “thank you” doesn’t get expressed!

Karyn: We have been placed on this earth, in essence, to make a difference with the way we live our lives. If what we are doing with our lives isn’t generating a legacy that will last at least 200 years from now, we may want to reconsider what we are doing with our allotment of time on earth.

Carol: Have you seen or found, with those you’ve worked with, any beliefs or ideas that were believed to be so true, but were actually completely WRONG?

Karyn: Too many people believe that they do not have a gift to give to their family, their neighbor or the world in which they live. Many people suffer from the “I don’t matter much” mentality.

Others, believe that the world does not need them: their time, their talent or their love in order to be a more cherishing place for everyone living in it. The suicide rate shows this! If everyone who is contemplating their own worth and value could only realize that they have a gift to give to this world perhaps we could lower the suicide rate and see a huge decrease in depression!

Carol: Wouldn’t that be wonderful on both counts.
Karyn, let’s discuss results you’d like our readers to experience or have from this article this month, ok?

Karyn: I’d love to Carol.

Carol: Let’s list 3, if you would please.

1: Realizing that it is by small and simple means that great things are brought to pass! If everyone could feel an increased sense of good will towards humankind, and realize that we are all here to serve, bless and minister to one another by making one another’s journey through life a little more comfortable, perhaps by reaching out and caring for others, we would discover greater joy in our journeys here on earth.

2: What this world needs now is more thoughtful people who minister to one another in small and simple ways. By doing so, we all can become an “angel in disguise.”

And 3rd, I’d say:
The spreading of good will, harmony, peace, love and joy starts with everyone taking small incremental baby steps to increase the amount of good that happens in the world each day.

Carol: There would be great results! I trust there will be readers who will be inspired, who will take action and who will see those results.

What are a few simple steps to become an “Angel in the Mourning?”

1: Give a gift of time visiting someone who is lonely or heartbroken.
2. Give a word of praise, a smile or complement to someone in need.
3. Use more eye contact when talking with a loved one.
4. Put down your cell phone and visit face to face with the person who is right in front of
your very eyes.
5. Let the people in your life know that they really matter!
6. Don’t be afraid to say “I love you” regardless of their response (it will make a
7. Sometimes we might feel afraid to express the love in our hearts… do it anyway!
8. Give a gift of time visiting someone who is lonely or heartbroken.
9. Write an old fashioned “thank you” note to someone you appreciate and admire and
deliver it.
10. Mend a wounded relationship by writing a sincere note of apology and sending it.
11. Send flowers to someone who deserves an unexpected surprise today.

Carol: The results and the steps you have shared can have such an impact on everyone by
People just “having a heart!”

Ok, so Karyn, what is something cool about you people would think was really interesting or shows your personality?

Karyn: I love to laugh! My nature is truly joyful and I want everyone to experience more laughter, joy and happiness in their lives! For this reason, I started “Joy Coaching America” after being called “The Singing Massage Therapist.” While my clients are receiving their massages, I love to lullaby them by singing and humming in harmony.

Carol: Once again, you have shared and given some very doable, impactful guidance and advice Karyn and I am certain you are an “Angel in the Mourning” to so many personally and with your work in “Joy Coaching America.”

We are entertaining angels unaware…. Hebrew 13:2 – “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

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