In The Business of Community: The Right Way to Digital Transformation to Expand Business and the Job Market, Simon Chan of DigiVue

Simon Chan: That’s right, I agree.

Quanta D: I’m sorry, I just had to state it because hopefully the people that need to hear it, will hear it and really get it, ok?

Q: Mr. Simon, can you give us another way that Digital Disruption in Business can be resolved?

I mean, we’re clear on the right Consultancy, the right Advisory, maybe you can give us another pointer in choosing the right Consultant and choosing the right Advisory board to resolve this issue of being unaware of what and how to define Strategy and Transformation. Also, taking a good look at what that brand needs and what they hope to gain in projections and expansion in the very near future,

Q: What kind of tips can you give us for choosing the right Consultant and the right Advisor for Digital Strategy & Transformation?

Simon Chan: I think the most important thing is in choosing, to get a feel for the right type of person for your organization. It’s very important to engage in conversation, initially, that’s something I will be talking about with Executives over the next few months as I continue to launch my company. It’s really important to have this conversation. At the moment, to really get to the bottom of the issues, you really need to start talking about them. It’s really important to reach out and find out what’s in the market, basically, in terms of Consultancy. There are obviously the large Consultancies who provide a type of service, they are obviously reputable,  but they are also very expensive. But there are  many other Consultancies, the smaller ones, who  are much cheaper but also have good reputations because they have leaders who previously worked for  major  Consultancies, like myself. These tend to fall into the category of the boutique Consultancy. There is also the potential for disruption in the Consulting industry as well. It is expensive, the quality from large consultancies can be poor and these firms are not always delivering. Consulting has always been  focused on sales and selling a solution. Digital transformation is a delivery focused discipline.

Quanta D: I’m sorry, excuse, excuse the laughter. It’s funny, it’s true.

Simon Chan: As a Management Consultant, you sell a solution. You tell them what they want to hear. Once you get it in, then you find the means to delivering it, at whatever means possible, and sometimes that way of delivering, it isn’t optimal, I’ve been there and seen it from both sides. There’s also a different approach, and the approach I am advocating is really a more like the Regus flexible based approach to Consultancy. Regus usually rents out offices at different time frames, different sizes and functionality, For Consultancies. I see potential for solutions where you could buy Consultancy at whatever time frame you want, so if you want a day with a Consultant, to put him in there you pay for a day plus expenses. The guy flies out, you have a good conversation with him, you pay his day rate, he’s gone.  

Quanta D: Right, very, very great example there.

Simon Chan: Yeah, you get him out there and you have your conversation. For example, some companies have very good IT staff but they just don’t have any Strategy guys, they could rent a Strategy guy for a week and then learn from the them, how to run a workshop, how to develop Digital Strategies, how to brainstorm  transformation and then after that, they could probably do it themselves, yeah? Consultancy is a knowledge not a sales discipline, It’s about transferring information from the Consultancy over to the end-Client. There’s a lot of good Digital guys already in organizations, so many firms you don’t need to hire a whole team, and hire them for six months to do projects?  

As an alternative, a Consultant could come in, identify what your Digital need is within a set time, and then after that the Client can run with it. This offering might not work for certain organizations, but I think the market is big, and it’s also very expensive, Consultancy is ridiculously expensive! So, in terms of competing on price and for Clients and jobs, there’s a massive potential for Digital Disruption.

Quanta D: Right, right. Which brings me into the next question. This is just flowing so easily, thank you. DigiVue, alright? I got to see the DigiVue conjuring of, for the core values of successful Digital Transformation, also known as the 5Cs Paradigm, ok?

Simon Chan: Right.

Quanta D: I think it’s incredible. I’d just like to get a little bit on that. You have for the 5Cs Paradigm listed on DigiVue for; Customer, Challenge, Collaborate, Creativity, and Costs. Please share a little about that with the rest because I’ve gotten to take a look at it and it’s pretty fascinating regarding Digital Strategy and Transformation. I can see this as something that Quanta D. can utilize as a paradigm to take a good look at everything, you know, and that’s what we plan on doing so,

Q: Would you please just touch a little upon what’s going on with this 5Cs Paradigm. What made DigiVue conjure this up to combat the problems in Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation?

Simon Chan: Sure. Ever since I started out DigiVue, I always had this idea that the market was ready for something new, and with Digital Transformation, if you looked at the actual timeline of Digital Disruption, over the last ten to twenty years, it’s moved at a rapid pace. And what’s happened is that the accumulation of those changes in Technology have actually made it possible to do things quicker with higher quality at a lower price so, I wanted to redefine Digital Consulting with that premise, basically. That if Business can do that, then Consulting can do that as well. And I think that with Digital Transformation, the focus has also shifted as well. So you think about apps and mobile phones and iPads and all the devices that people use to consume content these days, they can have what they want. There is such an amount of choice around there.

Ms. J Spearman, Quanta D.

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