In The Business of Community: The Right Way to Digital Transformation to Expand Business and the Job Market, Simon Chan of DigiVue

Quanta D: Yes, it’s so overwhelming.

Simon Chan: So, there really isn’t any loyalty anymore in particular areas because you can just move from one brand to the other.

Quanta D: Excuse my laughing, it’s honest, brutally, but hilarious in truth.

Simon Chan: Yeah, so, Customer really is king in the Digital Transformation work, and also, it is very important that you find out who they are and that you serve them well, because if you don’t, they will move. You will lose your money, you will lose your revenue. So that’s of importance, so the Customer has to be first, so that is the first core principle.

Quanta D: Yeah.

Simon Chan: So, the second one is Challenge, and this one is also based on Digital Transformation as well.  You can almost challenge anything now, because of the way that things have moved on. So if you think of Finance, if you think of Economics, if you think of even Socializing, right?, it has all changed, beyond recognition, within the last twenty years, that means that all of the models that these things are based can be challenged as well. So we can’t be reading textbooks and thinking that is the way to do things right now.

Quanta D: Exactly.

Simon Chan: You can’t be using a strategy that you read in twenty, thirty years ago, it doesn’t apply anymore. Economics textbooks that were written twenty or thirty years ago, irrelevant. You’ve got to look at what is going on now and you’ve got to challenge what is going on now, and then use the modern methods to work out whether your products are actually hitting the Customer or not, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re emotionally involved with the Customer or not. You have to challenge everything that you do and not rely on models, theories, things that are outdated, and that’s Challenge.

Collaborate goes without saying. In the Digital World, assignments need to be broken down for you to achieve the maximum efficiency with an organization. And this is all about improving Business process but also creating Communities and things like Chat and sites so that the information can be unlocked, and can circulate freely around your organization so that the knowledge circulates freely as well. That’s a very powerful concept. When you think about it, in the old days, the departments and Silos, which is the way organizations have been structured traditionally, they would stop information flows between different Departments. When Silos are broken, this opens up a huge amount of opportunity to integrate solutions, so organizations need to move towards that to unlock their potential but that’s a big cultural change, so Collaborate is third.

Creativity. With all these new tools in place and all these new technologies, you can more or less build what you want. You can source someone to build it but if you’ve got the right Development Team they can build it for you. So, you can be very creative about creating your sources of competitive advantage, Modern Technology allows you to build almost anything, so Creativity is important. And also, once you’ve got something in place, you need to keep exploring, you need to keep changing, and you need to keep inspecting and adapting, inspect and adapt is obviously a common Business cliché that is used. You’ve got to learn fast and learn from your lessons and channel that back into the Strategy process to make sure you keep on improving.

The last thing is obviously Costs, and when you think of Technology, the most important thing is to enable that for Business. Once of the reasons I’ve converted into LinkedIn as the main channel is the focus on Cost Control over the last ten to twenty years. I think it’s almost been to the detriment with almost everything else within an organization, there’s been such a financialization and focus on figures that go to the stock market that the people side of organizations has really been left behind. Technology can help you to get out of this bind because it can actually reduce the amount of work-load that your people do, in terms of manual labor.

Quanta D: Right.

Simon Chan: So, you see? The right Technology put in place, integrated well within an organization could actually improve the morale of your workforce because it frees them up to do the value-adding activities, instead of the things that can be automated by a computer. So, if you start doing that, you’ll start to see increases in terms of your workforce output, and that obviously means that you can hire less people. You don’t have to increase your staff, and you’re actually freeing up the capacity from your existing employees. So, I see Technology as a good thing, at the moment, because there are lots of inefficient processes in organizations, and Technology can help you to decrease bottom line costs. And there is always the costs of the Consulting fees too…

Quanta D: Yeah and increase efficiency, right? Yes, definitely. I’m all for that, this is amazing. You know? This also brings, and this is pretty much the last question here, so thank you so much for your time and DigiVue.

Simon Chan: You’re welcome.

Quanta D: We have here, well, one of the reasons, one of the ways that you have got our attention, has to do with a LinkedIn article that you had written. But not only an article, you repurposed it and we love the magical repurposing here at Quanta D, so that’s what got our attention, really got our attention on you,

Q: You took this article and you turned it and repurposed it into a forum discussion, ok?

Simon Chan: Yeah. Yup.

Quanta D: You published this back in, I believe in December 2016 and it looks like it is just continuing to gain momentum. It’s the article that you did that offers Digital Transformation solutions for corporations to transform broken systems of Recruitment in the Recruitment and Hiring process. Just to see how much traction it’s getting, even from back in December and up until now in April, it’s just amazing what you’re doing. Corporate Leaders are very, very busy, this seems like something that is highly beneficial to keep up with and we will continue to keep up with it.

Ms. J Spearman, Quanta D.

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