In The Business of Community: The Right Way to Digital Transformation to Expand Business and the Job Market, Simon Chan of DigiVue

Q: Any words from you having to do with this great traction and your reasons for creating this article and repurposing it into a forum discussion?

Simon Chan: Yeah sure. Obviously labour market economics and business analysis is my background, so writing this on LinkedIn was also utilizing my abilities as a Business Analyst. I had this idea to look at a macro problem and showcase how I would go about solving it via dialogue, which is obviously the Recruitment space I have good experience of this problems as I spent two months looking for a job myself, and obviously I am a well-qualified individual so I didn’t expect to be on the Job Market for that long. But the reality is, I just didn’t get into conversations with the right people, to start off with. And, it took me a long time to get those conversations, over a period of six to eight weeks, in the end. I think that this is part of the problem, there’s just too many Recruiters in the space at the moment so you don’t get the right conversations with the right people, who are connected to the right jobs.

So, I took it upon myself to try and work-out what was going on here and that’s why I started to write the article, to lay down the problems that I see from a Job Candidate point of view, from a Job Candidate angle. I’ve also done Recruitment, in the past as a Hiring Manager, so I was able to articulate the problems there as well, and that’s what really opened up the conversation it looked like I was criticizing the Recruitment Industry, and then, obviously all stakeholders came out, including recruiters and they  offered their views on the actual problem as well, which was great because it opened up everything.

Quanta D: That’s right, that’s what I was just thinking.

Simon Chan: I’ve got people from Recruitment who are my friends as well, who are phoning me and letting me know what they think and it’s great, because I’m able to look at the actual problems from

Quanta D: From both sides, yes, Sir. 

Simon Chan: There are too many people in this process, there is the Hiring Manager, there Is the HR Manager, there is the Job Recruiter and then there is also the Job Candidate, if you look at any one in isolation, you’re not going to solve the problems of Hiring and the Job Market, you need to look at all four.

Quanta D: Incredible, ok. Thank you, again, Mr. Simon Chan and DigiVue Consulting, consulting strategies for Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation, Business and Technology as well.

Q: Please let the people know the best way to find you, the best way to reach out to you if they want to learn more?

Simon Chan: Yeah sure. You can find me online at, and also you can email me at I am also on LinkedIn, so it’s @simonchanpmba on LinkedIn, and also on Twitter as well so, if you’ve got any questions, it would be great to have conversations and we can talk about your story and what you want to achieve going forward.

Quanta D: Excellent, Mr. Chan. Thank you so much for your great advice, we’ve learned a lot on this call as well. We appreciate your time, your expertise and we look forward to seeing and hearing more from you and all of your contributions in the Technology and Digital and Business spaces, so thank you again, Sir, and God bless you and to your continued success.

Simon Chan: Very thankful to be here, Ms. J.

Quanta D: No problem. Well alright, this wraps up another episode of Quanta D. for Business Innovators Magazine, ‘In the Business of Community,’ with a little more help to assists with the socio-economic impact for the greater good of Local, National and International Community. In this case, with a Mr. Simon Chan out of DigiVue for Digital Transformation, Digital Strategy, Business and Technology Consulting. Take care. This is Quanta D. for Divine, Digital, Dimensions.

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