Steve Rosenbaum Creator of The Flawless Followup TM System Receives Exceptional Reviews and Global Participation with Impactful Monday Roundtable

I recently had the very great pleasure of meeting with The “Flawless Followup™” System’s creator Steve Rosenbaum about one of his successes, the Monday Roundtable.

Steve, along with his partners, Chad Nicely and Chris Jenkins, have been conducting a Monday Roundtable video call where they teach businesses and consultants how to better market themselves and their businesses. These calls are held Mondays at 1PM EST via Zoom.

I also had the pleasure of attending a few of these Round Table calls. I plan on attending many more. This unique and exceptionally helpful call, available to both the new in business as well as seasoned professionals, offers an open interactive forum with wisdom, techniques and strategies covering discussions such as: behind the scenes launch secrets, excellent negotiation strategies, advice for best practices in handling sales calls with both small and large companies to infamous questions such as: “what do you do when they say yes” and these are only a few of the valuable discussions and wisdom offered on these Monday Roundtable calls.

The sense of community, the sense of belonging and the sharing practices makes this a place where one can feel comfortable and not judged, open and free to share and seek solutions and receive them without condemnation or judgment. It’s a raw, realistic, open and fulfilling time spent.

There is a special appreciation for the openness and ease of what Steve and his partners share, how they help, their genuineness in assisting and desire for true success of participants. Listen in now to learn more about these very unique and rewarding calls.

Carol: Steve, it is truly a pleasure to be meeting with you today. Thank you so much for taking the time to do so.

Steve: Carol, it is truly an honor for me. I’ve been a fan of yours for years.

Carol: Awe, thank you Steve so much .

These Monday Roundtable calls are very impactful. It’s one reason I wanted to get the word out about them and let as many as possible know they exist, what you are all doing and that there is first hand help out there for business owners.

Can you share, Steve, how the Roundtable came to be?

Steve: I do it with my partners Chad Nicely and Chris Jenkins. We are partners in some of our courses, in our instruction. It came out of one of those courses. We offered what we called a VIP session which was a Zoom roundtable. People loved it.  After our training, realizing that people from all over the world have similar struggles, similar opportunities, trying to figure out the same things, the decision was made to head up the Monday Round Table.

It gives our audience, the chance to interact with us and leverage our years of experience.  We’ve encountered everything. It’s just we did it a long time ago, so you know we either figured our way around it or failed and got back up and did it again or whatever we had to do and each saw our own successes. Now we are helping others achieve theirs. You know, faster.

Carol: How do you feel the calls are faring?

Steve: we love it. And the reason we love it is because our audience loves it, we get such feedback from it, every single week. It’s going phenomenal.

Carol: Who can attend?

Steve: The Monday Roundtable participants range from successful business people who love and desire to be more to those who are trying to figure it all out. I feel people love to see other folks having success. I think it reinforces their confidence so they can have that success and they also have a place to get questions answered.

Carol: How are the calls conducted?

Steve: It is purely there for the benefit of our audience, who are our clients and our customers. We don’t sell anything on those calls.  We go into these calls with no agenda. We are simply there to serve our audience so we let those calls go where our audience takes us because they’ll take us wherever they need us to be. There’s never an agenda. We’re not out there pushing a message, we’re out there serving and responding to what their needs are in real time.

Carol: Steve, what I like about it is a lot of people consider themselves mentors and gurus, but you three can sometimes go on for two hours, giving participants your precious time, being sure questions and concerns for that day are indeed answered/covered. It is incredible. Plus, it’s really informative and extremely helpful so it really needs to be recognized.

Steve: Well, thank you for that Carol, and I’ll tell you, it’s very fulfilling to be in touch with our audience. There’s a real appreciation. We feel that appreciation. We don’t have an agenda so we don’t know where we’re heading each week. That’s why, frankly we start with a little bit of bantering. We’re trying to figure out where we’re going to end up. We’re doing that to get people engaged so people raise their hand and point us in a direction.  We’re surprised and humbled because we’re seeing this process’s success.

Carol: How long do you, Chad and Chris think the group’s going to be offered?  

Steve: We get off every call and say “that’s great, this is one thing that we love doing.” We want to get as many as possible to attend and be involved and benefit.  It’s one thing that we do that we don’t look at the monetary results of. Now we know that it helps us, but that’s not the purpose of this. For the most part, we don’t talk about products or what we’re promoting, we do that plenty during the week. We might say: “there’s a webinar,” but we don’t harp on it. We are really trying to be there to help people and as I’ve said we get off the call every week saying: “that was great.  How do we get more people here so we can help?” So, at this point, it’s open.

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Carol A Santella is a Right Hand Advisor and Positioning Consultant to Business Professionals; is a Best Selling Author, Health Consultant, Strategist and Publisher. Carol is also a Radio Show Host for Business Innovators Radio, Host and Founder of Inside with Carol covering Innovators and Trendsetting Influencers in the Fields of Business, Health and Wellness, Medicine, Leadership and Animal Related Industries. Carol is also a Contributor to Business Innovators Magazine, Small Business Trendsetters and the Founder of the Health and Wellness Leaders and Influencers Group; is world renowned for her Acknowledgment and Recognition Model of those who stand out above the rest and assisting them with The Power of Positioning TM. Carol is the founder and operator of The Listener Network which now encompasses her health, communications, publishing and business consulting work.