Today It’s All About Hope as “2019: The Year of Joy Series Continues”

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Today It’s All About Hope

This may be a lengthier interview, I sense, because I’d like to tune into Karyn’s sharing of “Hope in the Mourning: Who Will Lullaby the Fathers” in honor of Father’s Day and then discuss Hope in general.

Lost hope and how to regain hope are very important topics. Also by our article’s end, we will share valuable insights and tips that will help those grieving, those not grieving or mourning and those who are inspired to share and reach out (with some of what educates or touches them here today) to others to offer them healing and hope. We all can make a difference.

Our world is becoming more riddled with destruction, despair, turmoil, loss, nation against nation, people against people. To some, it has become an almost “normal” state of affairs, yet it isn’t what we need to settle for or have to choose. We can make the choices that make the difference not only in our own lives, but in others. The simplest of gestures or acts of kindness can mean the world to another mourning or suffering or feeling lost. Equally as important is the coming together of those who are helping and assisting others to find lost hope, whatever that may mean to each individual’s enhancement of life.

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