Raising The World’s Vibration to Love, Joy and Peace

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I had the opportunity to recently meet with Karyn Lynn Grant founder of Joy Coaching America. A company that assists in raising the world’s vibration to love, joy and peace by combining compassionate, therapeutic touch with the healing arts of musical & aromatherapy duets. Karyn tenderly shared with me, Joy Coaching America’s three-fold mission.

What I learned from our conversation was the importance of how Karyn’s work assists individuals in arising victorious over personally challenging circumstances, in reconnecting with their primary roles and in gaining a sense of personal value. I began to understand that Karyn’s loving approach involves first, ministering to the broken hearted; second, assisting them in the process of nurturing in their own homes and families, and third, teaching them that they can “go and do likewise” by ministering, nurturing and teaching those within their own circles of influence.

As I listened, I heard and experienced firsthand how Karyn and those she educates, known as Joy Coaches of Joy Coaching America, are indeed ministering to “one broken heart at a time” as they raise the world’s vibration to love, joy and peace.

Karyn, also an author, singer, songwriter, poet and musician has recorded and produced over 64 vocal cds and musical meditations which now constitute “The Joyful Heart Music and Meditation Library” (1000 mp3’s) which she uses in her processes with “The Healer’s Touch: Song & Scent Method,” developed for “Mending Broken Hearts with Healing Arts.”

As a compassionate witness, Karyn has the ability to put broken hearts and puzzle pieces of emotion back together in a framework of peace, love and happiness. She assists her clients in reframing their life experiences so that they can count the blessings in disguise. When Karyn “is set free” to do her spirited work with the Spirit of the Lord, it is evident that “He is her mentor and personal healer” and that He has taught her that “healing is contagious!”

Join me as you ‘listen in” on our conversation and hear how Karyn assists people in rediscovering “the missing peace” in their lives. This often results in rediscovering a relationship with a renewed faith-based perspective on receiving healing for one’s very own broken heart.

Carol: Karyn, it is such a pleasure to finally meet in such a beautiful atmosphere to discuss the interesting work that you do. I am excited to delve further into who Karyn Lynn Grant is and more about Joy Coaching America and it’s threefold mission.

With that, let’s begin with who is Karyn Lynn Grant and what your inspiration was to begin Joy Coaching America.

Karyn: I’d be happy to share that with you, Carol. Who is Karyn Lynn Grant? I see myself as a very capable, fearless, ambitious woman who loves others. My work is all about spreading love, joy and peace in a world that often seems off-kilter and out of balance. I believe that I have an aptitude for JOY and an attitude of gratitude for all those who wish to be a part of sharing happiness across the globe!

Assisting the grieving in pinpointing their pain, together we can identify it, acknowledge it, express it, embrace it and then release it while holding on to the wisdom gained in the experience so that clients can move forward experiencing a life of peace, joy and happiness!

As far as what my inspiration was in founding Joy Coaching America, after suffering from a broken heart, I went in search of a system that included a “Christ-Centered Approach to Healing.” I found nothing but varieties of New Age systems that claimed to have the energy for working miracles. Having grown up in a Christian, faith-based home, I knew I needed something deeper and everlasting for my broken heart.

One day, after bringing in a bunch of mailers from the mailbox (many flyers that promised “healing),” I felt inspired to begin creating what I called: “The Peaceful Approach to Wholeness.”

Soon, people were coming from near and far to experience my sessions. One day I received a phone call from a woman in Pennsylvania who urged me to put the system I was using on my own clients, into a format for teaching other women “how to do what you do!”

That began a quest to create, write, produce and publish “The Healer’s Touch Method” for ministering to broken hearts, by accessing the pathways to the heart, mind, body and spirit via the five senses.

Suffering from that broken heart, following my divorce from the father of my four children, this gave me the impetus, more than anything else, to bring the spirit of compassion, empathy and kindness to each person I meet and/or have a session with. Nothing has inspired me more than feeling the pain so deeply myself that I had to start an in-home business that would spread across a nation, America, whose heart is in need of healing.

Carol: I so agree Karyn. Our world is very deprived of healthy love, touch and healing in my opinion. It is no wonder I resonated so much with you when I learned of your very impactful work.

Karyn: One of the sweetest compliments I ever received after a session, was: “Karyn, when I came to see you, I believed that there is no love left in this world. But as you were ministering to me, while my eyes were closed and I heard you humming and singing and putting oils on me, I heard a whisper say, “Yes, there is love left in this world and you are feeling it right now.” That woman walked away from her session smiling and affirming, “Yes! There is love left in this world! And you are spreading it!”

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